Recovery of Insurance Claim

According to a research, about 12,000 crores unclaimed money in India lies with insurance companies. Now you might be wondering how such a large amount of insurance is pending. There are many reasons for this. Let’s understand one by one.

Loss of policy paper

We take the insurance policy but we cannot handle their papers properly. Imagine that you took the policy of an Insurance company and lost its paper and you know that it is more than a shock for you. But we want to tell you that you do not have to worry about it. For recovering a lost policy papers following documents are required:

  1. Application written to Insurance Company citing the reason of loss, Policy number, date of loss, etc. Some insurance companies charges fees as well for issuing duplicate Policy paper. If it is a joint policy then all holders should sign the application.
  2. Some insurance companies ask policy holder to publish an ad in the Newspaper where Policy Paper are lost.
  3. Indemnity bond- This act as a surety to Insurance Company in case of misuse of original Policy.

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Death of policy holder

While taking the insurance policy, it is always advisable to give the nominee name else there is no use of policy. If the policy holder dies before the maturity period, then the nominee gets the money which is called death claim.

But suppose that you named the nominee when the policy started and he/she died and you have not change the name of a nominee in the policy. In this case, if policy holder dies, then the claim settlement becomes complicated. Then there required an intervention of the court to get the succession certificate to prove that you are the legal heir and once it is set out by court the death claim money may be given to Legal Heir. All this process requires time and extra expenses such as court fees, lawyer fees, consultation service etc.

In case there is nominee available then process is little bit simple but documents required are too much to handle for an ordinary client.

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Forget about policy

The great irony of our country is that we did not know where our parents kept their investment. We did not know which insurance policy our parents have taken. If god forbids parents dies before maturity of policy then children do not have any solution as they are not aware of such policies. Such policies remain unclaimed in insurance companies.

We at IEPFZone help clients finding that unclaimed insurance money and recover them.


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